It’s SPRING!!!

Last autumn, I heard predictions that the winter would be one of severe cold. I had my doubts about the accuracy of those predictions when we very nearly had a green Christmas,  but then January set in, and holy mother of frozen wastelands, did we ever get cold. Then colder. Then colder still.

And the worst part is, it was unrelenting. No mid-winter thaws. No hints of any colour in the world other than white and varying shades of gray. No warm breezes wafting in with a promise of something better…one day…maybe…

Nope. It was just plain, freaking cold. And it dragged on forever.


But now…now there is hope. We have pavement again! And birds!! And temperatures that allow you to go outside without unprotected skin freezing solid in 2.5 seconds!!! And — are you ready for this?? — real, honest-to-goodness dirt.  I know. Bliss, right? 😀.001

I don’t think I’ve ever been happier to see the colour brown. 🙂





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4 responses to “It’s SPRING!!!”

  1. D. D. Syrdal Avatar

    Wow, you may yet see flowers! And bees! and….and… green growy things!

    1. Linda Avatar

      One can hope, D.D.! One can hope. 🙂

  2. JP McLean Avatar

    “… holy mother of frozen wastelands …” Good one!

    1. Linda Avatar

      Lol! Thanks, JP! I was rather proud of that one. 😉

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