Book Bash!

So…originally the idea was to have my official online launch at Bitten by Books on release day. Unfortunately, however, something came up at Rachel’s end and she asked me to postpone. It was one of those good-news/bad-news scenarios because I had greatly looked forward to the BBB release, but at the time, Stella from Ex Libris very kindly stepped in and offered me an alternative party-place (because let’s face it, it would have majorly sucked if I’d had to celebrate Sins of the Angels all by mself!) In the end, I had a fabulous release day (yay!) with lots of visitors and well-wishers (thank you all!!!) and an amazing hostess (thank you, Stella!!!), so all was good.

BUT, you may be thinking, what about the Bitten by Books party? Well, that’s the REALLY good news because I’ll be doing that, too! Tomorrow, Wednesday, October 5th, we’ll be celebrating Sins of the Angels all over again in style. So polish up your party shoes, dig out those fancy hats, and get ready to make some noise — and join me for a fabulous day of questions, answers, and giveaways!

Oh, and before I forget…today’s stop is at The Itzel Library in Mexico and features an interview in both Spanish and English!



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