It’s New! It’s Improved! It’s Awesome!!!

Welcome, welcome, welcome! I am so, so, SO excited to launch my brand new website — and to be returning to the world of (occasional) blogging! (And not only because the latter gives me one more place to overuse exclamation marks … and maybe emojis! ? )

First, THE WEBSITE!!! If you follow me on Facebook, you may already know what a handy guy my newest son-in-law is. He and my youngest daughter have an apartment in our basement, and he has been incredibly helpful with this year’s Yard Project–as well as with fixing/building/problem-solving a host of other things in and around the house. Well, not only is he Super Handy in the building/maintenance department, he is also a talented web developer … and so I recently did a Very Smart Thing and hired him to build a new site for me.


It is clean. It is easily navigated. It is easy-to-read. And most importantly, he has made updating it the proverbial piece of cake. Which, incidentally, is the highest possible praise coming from someone who has avoided site maintenance like the (also proverbial) plague. Seriously.

He even managed to import my entire blog from my Linda Poitevin site (which has now been merged with this site, because maintaining TWO sites? *laughs hysterically*). And that brings me to the blog topic!

I blogged semi-consistently under my Linda Poitevin name for years (to the tune of more than 600 posts ?), and I loved having the space for sharing the odds and ends in life–things that are too long for Facebook posts and/or that I never seem to have room for in my newsletter, and occasionally little backstories about my writing itself. (Such as: why did I choose the name Harry for the dragon in Crone Unleashed? Look for the answer in a future post! ? )

So … new site! Return to blogging! A place to share stories! And more emojis ? and exclamation marks!!! Does life get any better?! I think not. ?

I hope you’ll take a few moments to poke around and see everything we’ve included for you. All my books are here, along with a sample chapter from each if you’d like to browse those. We also have a link in the menu to my current Redbubble merchandise store where you can find the popular f*ckity Crone Wars mug if you’ve been looking for one of your own. (Heads-up: we’re planning new and exciting things for merchandise — and books!!! — next year, so watch for those, too!)

I would love to know what you think of the site! Is there anything else you’d like to see included? Did you find something that’s not working quite right? (You know I’ll be blaming the tech gnomes for any glitches… ?) Drop a comment below and let me know your thoughts — and thank you SO much for stopping by! ❤

P.S. If you’re poking around in past blog posts, please forgive the weirdly skewed images scattered throughout. The wraparound feature that I used did not translate well to the new format, and … oops. Rest assured new posts will not have that issue.




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19 responses to “It’s New! It’s Improved! It’s Awesome!!!”

  1. Wanda Dailey Avatar
    Wanda Dailey

    Wonderful site! I have you bookmarked and can hardly wait to jump right in!????

    1. Lydia Avatar

      Yay! 🙂

  2. Victoria Cartwright Avatar
    Victoria Cartwright

    Very well done!

    1. Lydia Avatar

      Thank you! I’ll tell son-in-law you said so. ❤

  3. Kimberly Lake Avatar
    Kimberly Lake

    I love your new site and look forward to your blogging.
    I have read all of The Crone Wars books, all of the Grigori Legacy books and just finished the first Gwynneth (with 2 n’s) book! Love them all!!!

  4. Leah Thomas Avatar
    Leah Thomas

    Well done ‘son-in-law-in-residence’ – great site – easy to navigate and no glitches so far???
    I look forward to many more blog posts!

    1. Lydia Avatar

      Thanks so much, Leah! I’ll pass on the praise to Stefan. ?

  5. Elaine Sweatman Avatar
    Elaine Sweatman

    Yay! I always loved reading your blog posts!

    1. Lydia Avatar

      Aww, thanks, Elaine! I’ve missed posting and am looking forward to being back here. ?

  6. Katharine Horn Avatar
    Katharine Horn

    Great site! Already bookmarked it. ?

    1. Lydia Avatar

      Yay — and thank you! ❤

  7. Anne Chalmers Rothery Avatar
    Anne Chalmers Rothery

    What a super clean, uncluttered site. Congrats! Well done!

    1. Lydia Avatar

      I’m so glad you agree with my assessment — and thank you!!! ❤

  8. Johnna Leigh Mellor Avatar
    Johnna Leigh Mellor

    Love it! What a lucky find your newest son-in-law is to your whole family! <3

    1. Lydia Avatar

      We’ve been blessed with three amazing additions to the family in our sons-in-law. ❤

  9. Mary Ann Kane Avatar
    Mary Ann Kane

    Wow!! The site is awesome. As you said, easy to browse and looks great. A perfect platform to show your body of work. Kudos to son-in-law.

    1. Lydia Avatar

      Thanks so much, Mary Anne! I’ll be sure to pass along the kudos. ?

  10. D. L. McClure Avatar
    D. L. McClure

    Love it. Thanks for making this easy to navigate. You know we elders know a lot but did not grow up in the tech generation.

    1. Lydia Avatar

      I’m so glad you like it! And yes, easy navigation was a must. As was ease of updating, because tech is not this elder’s thing, either, lol.

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