I’m Away From My Desk Right Now…Please Leave a Message


I’m going on HOLIDAY!!!

Albeit a short holiday, but still…

It’ll be the first time I’ve been away from my desk since our last anniversary getaway a year ago…and I’m so excited, I’m practically dancing.

We’ll be gone for five days and four nights.

That’s five whole days of not having to worry about groceries, cooking, or cleaning…where someone else makes my meals, brings them to me, and then tidies up and does the dishes afterwards. (I really think hubby needs to take some cooking lessons somewhere in this upcoming retirement of his…)

Five days of sun (the forecast is fantastic), wine tastings, antique store browsing, reading, and wandering along the lake shore.

I have it all planned out.

Kind of.

As much as you can plan for not having any set plans.

It’s going to be awesome.

I’ll take lots of pictures for you.

And I’ll see you next week!


P.S. There’s going to be a special anniversary giveaway on my Facebook page…be sure to follow me there if you’re not already!



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3 responses to “I’m Away From My Desk Right Now…Please Leave a Message”

  1. valerieraemillard Avatar

    Have a fabulous holiday …so happy for you!
    And, yes, you do need to get your hubby cooking too! I gave my husband a recipe to follow to make lasagna once and he now rarely uses a recipe to cook MOST of our meals …he bakes too!!! ?

    1. Linda Avatar

      Thanks, Valerie! I’ve tried the recipe route with him, but he shows a remarkable lack of interest, lol. Maybe one day. 😉

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