Guest Post: The Chaotic Creativity of Laura Hunsaker

I have a special treat for you today — a guest post from romance author Laura Hunsaker! I know Laura from Twitter, where she has the delightful moniker of Highland Hussy and is great fun to chat with, which is how I learned that she has a recent new release. And because we can all do with a) books to help fill our time in these days of various lockdowns, and b) a happy ending (!), I invited her to come tell you a bit about both it and herself.

So grab a cuppa, put up your feet, and meet the lovely Laura!

I’m so happy to be here! When Linda offered me the chance to post here today I was thrilled! And then when she mentioned her theme was chaotic creativity, I froze. I don’t tend to think of myself as creative anywhere outside of writing. My art skills are okay, my crochet skills are lopsided, my design skills are meh…where else am I creative, if not my words?

And then it hit me. My planner!

I color code it, I use stickers, I plan out cute layouts, I love looking up ways to make my writing planner look fun and cute so it pushes me to write more. I get to fill in a star for every 25 words I write so I can keep up that incentive on days the words are a struggle. I use stickers when I hit a goal, and while it may not work for everyone, it helps me.

But cute stickers or not, somehow no matter my outlines or plans for what I write, when it comes to my writing planner…I tend to be more of a pantser. You know, fly by the seat of your pants kind of writer. The opposite is a plotter…which with all my planner addictions, you’d think I’d be one. And yet…fly by the seat of my pants! Oh I have a rough outline and a general idea of what will happen, but my characters really do all the work.

You can see I like my planners lol But how can someone so organized not plot the book down to the word? I’ll tell you how-the characters take on a life of their own, so no matter what I plan, something always changes. 

In the first book in the Fatal Instincts series (Dark Past), I originally wrote Jenny, my latest heroine as a side character. When I wrote her story Dreams of the Past, I wanted her to have a darker and harder story…but Jenny took over and she reminded me that I kind of put her through some tough times in Dark Past, and she needed a lighter book.

So no matter how many notes, or outlines, or stickers I used, Jenny just wasn’t having it. So now I present to you, Dreams of the Past, a light and happy short story that will leave you smiling. And I’m really happy with it, even though it’s completely different than what I planned. I mean you know what they say about the best laid plans and all…they often go awry.

She needs rest, he needs relaxation…

Jenny Travers wants a fresh start. Leaving the nightmares of her past behind her, she heads to Last Chance Beach. Renting the Sea Glass Cottage sounds peaceful and relaxing, which is exactly what she needs.

What she doesn’t need is a man.

Lieutenant Commander Scott Gordon was injured by an IED on his last mission, and while his leg has healed, it’ll never be strong enough to stay on his SEAL team. Renting the Sea Glass Cottage sounds like the perfect place to figure out how he’s going to handle his new normal.

He never expected to find a woman in his bed.

A mix-up at the rental agency means Jenny and Scott are both renting the small cottage. Sharing a space with a stranger should be hard, yet they both feel more at peace than they have in months.

Will their summer romance last, or is the magic of Sea Glass Cottage all they’ll have…

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  1. Alice Avatar

    Iam down loading it now. 🙂

    1. Linda Avatar

      Yay! I love connecting readers with new books. 🙂

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