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Welcome to the first in a series of guest posts that I have scheduled for you! I am absolutely thrilled to introduce you to Suzie Ivy, a Twitter friend I’ve come to know and worship admire greatly. You see, Suzie had the courage to do what I always wanted to do but never did anything more than write about: she became a cop. Not that remarkable, you say? Well, then, consider this: she did it at the age of 45!

And now that I have your full attention, I’ll turn you over to Suzie, who has a little story about life on the job that she says she’s wanted to tell for a while. I’m glad she’s doing so here. 🙂

Life, Death, and Something More…

As a detective, I work closely with death. When I’m called to the scene it’s usually because someone died violently. I spend hours with the body while doing my job. I go to the mortuary to search and catalog what I find on the corpse. I empty blood soaked pockets and remove the last items carried by the deceased. These are the silent moments of homicide.

Thomas was 29-years-old when he died from multiple gunshot wounds to the chest and head. His life was over before the third bullet struck. To his family and friends he was known as Tommy. His wife Mary and their two small children were left with no husband or father. Though all death is senseless, his was especially so.

I had been working double shifts since the murder. The killer was in jail but I still had weeks of work to tie up loose ends and keep him locked up. There is really no justice for what happened to Tommy but the legal system will do its job and God will have the final say.

Two weeks after the homicide, I was at Mary’s house on official business. The children had been sent to stay with their grandmother for a few days. Mary asked me to sit quietly and not talk for a few minutes. I had no idea why, but a short time later a loud thump sounded upstairs. Mary didn’t say a word she just looked at me.

“Are you sure no one is home?” I whispered.

“It’s Tommy, he’s been causing a racket today. He’s not happy that the kids are gone.”

I don’t even remember what I replied. It took a few minutes for me to register that Mary had no problem thinking of her recently deceased husband as a ghost.

We conversed for a while and two more loud thumps followed the first. Mary told me Tommy was knocking items off the dresser. She said he didn’t bother the children’s personal belongings, only hers.

“Do you mind if I go upstairs?” As strange as it sounds, I wasn’t afraid. It was almost like I was being awakened to another part of death. Mary followed me and we entered her bedroom. There was a book on the floor along with a large unlit candle. I didn’t see a third item to match the number of thumps but it didn’t matter, I was a believer.

As I walked up those stairs, I felt something different. I have no words to describe it. The house didn’t get colder, there was no mist, and there was no moaning. That’s Hollywood’s idea of a ghost.

When I entered the bedroom Tommy’s spirit was incredibly strong. A sense of peace settled in my heart. Mary asked if I would sit on the bed and talk with her about what happened. She felt Tommy needed to hear that she and the children were safe. We spoke for hours and Tommy never made a sound.

Several days later, I attended a department meeting. When my turn came to give an update on my case I decided to share the story of Tommy’s ghost. One of the younger cops began making jokes. Behind him sat a large paper shredder and it chose that moment to activate itself with no paper inside. I’ve never seen anyone jump as high as that officer.

“I guess Tommy decided to visit.”

Twelve pairs of eyes were glued to the shredder but it didn’t move again…that day. Over the years, Tommy lets me know he’s around from time to time. He’s somewhat of a practical joker and he likes to have fun with the nightshift. When the shredder gets a mind of its own, they immediately get their butts out on the street where they should be.

Tommy was my first homicide. He taught me about life, death, and something more.

About Suzie Ivy:

Against all odds, Suzie Ivy graduated the police academy at the age of forty-five. She became a detective two years later. In her spare time she blogs at and shares her humor and true-life adventures in her books, Bad Luck Cadet and Bad Luck Officer. You can find her on Twitter @suzieivy and Facebook She works and lives in Arizona with her husband of more than thirty years. Mostly she enjoys hugs and kisses from her nine grandchildren with an occasional dog slurp thrown in.

Suzie will be checking in for comments and questions over the day, so if you have something you’d like to ask, please do!





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13 responses to “Guest Post from Suzie Ivy”

  1. Sharon Avatar

    What a cool story 🙂 thanks for sharing

  2. Suzie Ivy Avatar

    Thank you Sharon 🙂

  3. Michael Murphy Avatar

    Nice to “see” you again. Keep up the great writing, my friend.

  4. Suzie Ivy Avatar

    Hi Michael, thanks for stopping by and you keep up the great work too. Can’t wait to read your new book!!!

  5. Emily Avatar

    Suzie keep aiting for the twist to pop up somewhere in here!!! Great story!

  6. Suzie Ivy Avatar

    Thank you Emily. Sorry, no twist just weird 🙂

  7. Elaine Plummer Avatar
    Elaine Plummer

    I believe – for many reasons. Glad Mary and Tommy had you as the officer.

    1. Suzie Ivy Avatar

      What an incredibly nice thing to say. The more I see in my job the more I believe too.

  8. Mary Reed McCall Avatar

    Thank you for sharing. Too many scoff too easily at such experiences…sometimes even those who have the experiences themselves. Like you said, Hollywood sets up the expectation of something dramatic. The truth is often far more subtle, but there is comfort in that, too. Thanks again.


    1. Suzie Ivy Avatar

      Comfort is a good way to put it. It taught me to always be respectful around the dead even if no one is around because you just never know.

  9. Suzie ivy Avatar
    Suzie ivy

    Thank you Linda for hosting me on your blog today! This was wonderful.

    1. Linda Avatar

      It was absolutely my pleasure, Suzie! Come back anytime!! 🙂

  10. Journey of Life Avatar

    OMG. It is so spooky but yet touching. What a loving husband and father. He just wanted to make sure his family were okay after he left … Wow!

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