Grigori Legacy Print Pre-Orders Are Up!

So my POD service of choice, IngramSpark, recently added the ability to allow pre-orders for print books. I tried it this time around with Sins of the Lost and Sins of the Warrior, and guess what?!? It worked!!!

What does this mean? It means that you can pre-order books 3 and 4 of the Grigori Legacy for a quicker delivery! You won’t have to wait until to find out what happens to poor Alex! And poor Michael! And the poor, poor world!

Buy links are below the covers…what are you waiting for??? 😉

Sins of the Lost small

Amazon    Barnes & Noble    Chapters/Indigo


Sins of the WARRIOR smallAmazon    Barnes & Noble    Chapters/Indigo    Book Depository



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2 responses to “Grigori Legacy Print Pre-Orders Are Up!”

  1. miki Avatar

    book 4 is the book depository will book 3 be available there too so far i can,’t find it

    1. Linda Avatar

      It should be eventually, Miki! I’m not sure what the delay is. If it’s not up by next week, I’ll email them. 🙂

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