Update on the Great Wattpad Experiment


Four weeks ago, I ventured onto the Wattpad platform in my Great Wattpad Experiment. My reasons for doing so were straightforward:

  1. I was looking to grow my readership.
  2. I was hoping to engage in conversation with readers about my stories.

This is the update I promised on how my experiment is going. 🙂

My main focus on the platform so far has been the promotion of Gwynneth Ever After, a contemporary romance that I self-published and still have full control over. I’m releasing Gwynneth’s story as a serial — one chapter at a time on Fridays — and at the end of each new chapter, I provide buy links for readers who can’t wait to find out what happens next. (My Grigori Legacy series is controlled by my publisher, so I’m unable to experiment with those books in quite the same way.) 

Gwynneth Ever After Large

Statistically speaking, here’s what’s happened with the book after four weeks:

  1. It has reached #10 on Wattpad’s romance list.
  2. It has been read 27,037 times as of the writing of this blog post.
  3. It has received 814 votes and 116 comments from readers.

All well and good, you’re thinking, but has any of this had an impact on sales numbers? 

Actually, yes. While I won’t have sales figures until my next royalty statements from each of the digital platforms, I have seen a significant rise in the book’s ranking on Kindle, Kobo, and Nook (to my knowledge, there is no ranking system for iBooks…if I’m wrong, please let me know!).  In addition, eight readers have let me know via comments/messages that they had purchased Gwynneth Ever After in digital format. Given that the book had pretty much stopped selling altogether (probably because I hadn’t been promoting it at all), this is pretty awesome. 

So…my conclusions. I’d have to say that I am really enjoying the Wattpad experience. The platform itself is simple to use and uploading new chapters is a cinch. (My biggest challenge has been holding to the serialized format–knowing what’s coming in the book, I can’t wait to share with readers! 😀 ) I’ve seen a definite upswing in both readership and sales, and for those reasons I’m going to continue with (and…ahem…maybe expand on) my experiment. And, of course, I’ve had the distinct pleasure of conversing with readers about the story as it unfolds. It’s not quite as good as sitting down over coffee with them, but it’s a nice alternative. 😉

A final note: if you’re thinking of trying out Wattpad yourself, be aware that your results may vary from mine. Genre will, of course, play a definite role, and your presence on other social media will also have an impact. For instance, when I release a new chapter, I tweet about it several times a day for 2-3 days, and I also post on my Facebook page in order to drive more traffic to the story. It stands to reason that if you’re an author with an established online presence, you may generate more interest than someone who’s just starting out.

Questions? Comments? I’d love to hear them!

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9 responses to “Update on the Great Wattpad Experiment”

  1. Carolyn Crane Avatar
    Carolyn Crane

    That is pretty cool, Linda!! I think I may try it with something.

  2. Carolyn Crane Avatar
    Carolyn Crane

    If I have a three book series, like erotic romance, would you suggest serializing it like you did, or putting the whole book up there?

    1. Linda Avatar

      Remembering that I’m no expert at this, Carolyn, here’s my opinion (for what it’s worth). 😉 As long as you’re putting up the chapters on a regular basis (I post a new one every Friday morning), I think the serial idea works really well…especially if you’ve already been at this writing thing for a while, and if the book is available for purchase on other platforms. That way, readers who want the free version will still get it over time, and those who can’t wait have the option of purchasing immediately. To me, that seems like a win-win. Now, if you were just starting out in publishing and hadn’t built any kind of a readership at all yet, I’d be inclined to put up the entire first book as a freebie in order to introduce your writing and get feedback from readers (much as you might put it up on Amazon as a free read). Does that make sense?

    2. Carolyn Crane Avatar
      Carolyn Crane

      Thanks, Linda! That makes sense! I’m going to go for it once I have the other book out. Fun!! Thanks for this post.

      1. Linda Avatar

        You are most welcome! Let me know how it goes. (And if you follow me once you’re on Wattpad, I’ll follow you back!) 🙂

  3. sharonstogner Avatar

    congrats on the success! This is great info to pass on. I always have authors asking about ways to get their name out there. I will definitely be sharing this info 🙂

    1. Linda Avatar

      That’s great, Sharon! I truly think this is a great way for authors to be discovered by new readers. 🙂

  4. Heather Grace Stewart Avatar

    Hi Linda. You are an inspiration. You’re awesome for diving into new technology like this, but I think that’s the answer for authors today.
    I’m also from Ottawa, now living in Montreal. I heard you on a blog radio show a few weeks ago, and that’s when I decided to release my third novel, The Ticket, on Wattpad. I am writing and posting as I go! What a strange and wonderful experience! Thanks to you! I also bought your book on Kindle 🙂
    I have Strangely, Incredibly Good published by a small Canadian publisher, so, similar to you, i could only post three chapters. It did hit #25 in Chicklit before falling, once complete. I think I made five or so digital sales, but I also gained interested readers, and perhaps they will read the sequel, which I’m also posting there. Only 150 so far! Not as many as you – I have no idea how you are doing that! Way to go!
    So does it work? I think it’s better than nothing, right? It’s better than complaining about how hard marketing is today. And I’ve now “met ” you = one more positive, thanks to Wattpad. 🙂
    Let’s connect on there and keep on sharing what we’ve learned. For instance, I still have no idea how often to post. (and I can only write so fast!)

    1. Linda Avatar

      Hey, Heather — so glad you’ve found Wattpad! I post one chapter a week most of the time, but I wait until the book is nearly complete before I start putting it up. That allows me to maintain a regular schedule, which I’ve found is critical to maintaining reader interest. Hope that helps!

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