Goal-setting revisited — and revised

The fact that I should have posted this yesterday probably gives you a hint about how well I managed to stick to last week’s goals, right? Even with my pared-down expectations, I fell short of what I thought I could achieve. I suppose I could feel disappointed with myself, but the truth is, my ‘failure’ has underscored what I had kind of suspected…I am very near burning out at the moment. While the past year certainly had its highs (did I mention that I had a book published? 😀 ), it also had some pretty intense lows…and no small number of bumps in between. In short, 2011 was one hell of a roller coaster ride and, friends, I’m pooped. Toast. Emotionally, mentally, and physically wiped.  Which explains why I’ve gone from needing 6 hours of sleep a night to needing 9…plus a nap. And why I’ve managed to take the art of procrastination to a whole new level.

What I really need is a nice long vacation somewhere warm. 🙂 Because that’s not an option, however, here’s what I’m going to do. (No, all is not lost because yes, I have a plan.) For the remainder of the month of January, I’m going to maintain the same five goals, all centered around refilling my very empty tank.

1. Minimal house maintenance. If my house isn’t considered a health hazard for the next two weeks, that’s good enough for me.

2. No writing expectations and no thinking about writing. The reason I’ve been stuck on where to begin book 3 in The Grigori Legacy is because I’ve been overthinking the story. The obvious (and only) solution is to hand the matter back over to my subconscious for a couple of weeks and let it solve the problem.

3. Lots of guilt-free solitary time. I’m no good to others when I’m like this, so I’m recognizing the need to take some ‘me time.’ You’ll note the emphasis on the guilt-free part. 😉

4. Letting go of the past. Yes, 2011 was an interesting year. No, it wasn’t all good. Yes, I feel a little bruised and over-sensitive right now. But that’s all behind me and more importantly (and I truly believe this), it all happened for a reason. I’m going to take an objective look back and see what those reasons were. What the lessons might have been. What good came out of what seemed not-so-pleasant at the time. And then, I’m going to be thankful for those lessons (and for surviving!) and I’m going to Let. It. Go.

5. Embracing the future. I believe we attract the same energy we put out into the universe: expect bad things and that’s what you’ll get; look for the good and chances are, it will find you. Sometimes, when too many things come at me all at once and I go into what I call ‘survival mode,” I forget this. I’ve become locked into a defensive stance, trying to protect myself from anything else that might go wrong. A part of what I let go will be this defensiveness. I’m going to work on uncrossing my arms, straightening my shoulders, and lifting my head. There are good things ahead in 2012, and I want to be ready to embrace them with open arms, open mind, and open heart.

So there you have it, my friends. My revised list of goals for the remainder of January, focusing on the really important stuff that will ultimately let me be much, much better at all the rest of what needs to be done. Anyone care to join me? 😉




8 responses to “Goal-setting revisited — and revised”

  1. sharonstogner Avatar

    good luck with the decompression 🙂 got any movies you have been wanting to see? I want to see the new Underworld movie that comes out this weekend and I want to rent that movie about the Tire called Rubber .

    1. lindapoitevin Avatar

      Movies…hm…excellent idea. I may even do something really decadent and go see one alone. Never done that before, lol! Question for you, though…a movie about a Tire called Rubber? Really? What the heck is that?

        1. lindapoitevin Avatar

          LMAO, Sharon — I had to go and look this up online because I couldn’t decide whether or not it was a spoof! Too bizarre! You’ll have to let me know how it is when you see it. 🙂

  2. D. D. Syrdal Avatar

    I think it’s a great idea to put the writing on hold for a bit. Sorry to hear you had so many rough patches. I hope this year will be less stressful and the writing will flow – when you’re ready.

    1. lindapoitevin Avatar

      Meh, it’s just life, D.D. — in a somewhat larger dose than I usually handle. 😉 All is good now that I’m feeling more on track, though. No reason I can’t write books 3 AND 4 this year…starting in February. 😀

  3. Sandy Williams Avatar

    You’re much smarter than me. I’m still relisting the same goals every week because I keep failing. I’m tired, too. Kind of burned out. I need a break but dont’ have time for one. I think maybe next month will be better. *crosses fingers*

    Question: are you actually able to stop thinking about writing???

  4. lindapoitevin Avatar

    That’s just how it is sometimes, isn’t it, Sandy? With several years of “stuff” behind me and more to come (yay!!), I’m fortunate that I can take a couple of weeks to regroup and recharge. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you that next month is better for you, too.

    In answer to your question, I can never REALLY stop thinking about writing if you mean turning off the voices and ideas. It’s more a matter of not OVERthinking it: i.e. shutting down my more cerebral part and getting back in touch with the more creative part. Does that make more sense?

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