Funky Fungi: Photos of the Forest’s Underbelly

Last year, a friend on Facebook posted a bunch of photos she’d taken of amazing mushrooms growing in a nearby forest. As I walk the same trails as she does (we run into each other periodically, to the great delight of our dogs), I was both delighted (yay, there are mushrooms in those woods!) and a little envious (how come never find any mushrooms?!?).

Try as I might, however, I simply couldn’t find any beyond the obvious bracket fungi growing out of the sides of trees.

This year, that changed. I’m not sure if it was the particularly damp August we had, or if I just developed my fungi-hunting eye, but suddenly there were mushrooms everywhere — and such a cool variety, too. I hoped to identify them using a field guide my daughter got me a couple of Christmases ago, but it turns out that (a) all my angles were wrong (I need pics of the undersides more than the tops); and (b) mushroom identification is a whole lot more complicated than I thought (involving spore prints and really, really careful observation).

Next year I’ll take my field guide out into the woods with me (or bring some actual mushrooms home) and try this again. For now, however, I’ll have to settle for pretty pictures of funky fungi. 😉 (Of course, if there are any mycologists out there who see something they recognize, I would love to know! 😀 )

September 2014 024
Crown Coral? If so, edible. I’ll be looking for it next year to see if I can positively identify it.
September 2014 049
Tinder Polypore — easily identifiable, but sadly not edible.
September 2014 048
Turkey Tail — a form of bracket fungus not recommended for eating.

September 2014 022

September 2014 023

September 2014 025

September 2014 026

September 2014 029

September 2014 030

September 2014 033

September 2014 034

September 2014 035

September 2014 036

September 2014 037
You’d think this one would be easily identifiable, but I can’t find any pictures like it in my book. 🙁

September 2014 038

September 2014 039

September 2014 040

September 2014 044

September 2014 045
The underside of the one in the photo above.

September 2014 046

September 2014 047
Again, so distinctive, it should be easily identifiable, right? Argh.

September 2014 050

September 2014 051

September 2014 052

September 2014 053

September 2014 055

September 2014 056

September 2014 057

September 2014 062

September 2014 063

September 2014 065

September 2014 066

September 2014 072
One of the many varieties of bracket fungi, also called shelf fungi (for obvious reasons!).

September 2014 074



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2 responses to “Funky Fungi: Photos of the Forest’s Underbelly”

  1. Ally Brielle Avatar
    Ally Brielle

    To my untrained eye that looks like quite the variety Linda. I notice I had groups of them at the side of my lawn. I think it was the weather this year. Everything seemed to grow in abundance. Great photos!

    1. Linda Avatar

      Thanks! Glad you enjoyed. 🙂

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