Fan Expo Day One

I’m sitting in a coffee shop across from my hotel as I write this, and already I’ve seen three costumed Fan Expo goers walk past on their way to breakfast. And not a single business-suit clad person has even reacted.

Toronto’s Fan Expo? You’re awesome.

I’m so excited to be here. Oh, we had a few setbacks in the getting-there part — the major one being my brand-new handcart losing a wheel on the way out of the train station. We ended up hiking all over the city looking for a new one (suffice it to say I didn’t bring appropriate city hiking footwear…ouch) — but for the most part, things went absolutely right for Day One yesterday. The books I’d ordered had arrived at the hotel business centre, and likewise my gorgeous new retractable banner (designed by the awesome Parajunkee, who is also responsible for my current website look).


I’ve claimed my little corner of Author’s Alley, renewed old author acquaintances and made new ones, met some truly fabulous Fan Expo volunteers and participants, and done my first tour of the exhibitors hall (I’m still wrapping my head around that last one, because…wow. It’s huge.) Oh yes, and I’ve made a list of all the things I need to bring with me today that I didn’t think of yesterday — chief among which is my cellphone charger, because my cellphone died on me yesterday and I couldn’t take pictures of the incredible costumes that were passing right in front of me. Though I did manage to snap this one on our way out of the building last night…there’s just something about a mysterious, hooded man… 😉



More pics to come, of course…and I’ll be posting to both Twitter and Facebook as Day Two progresses, so be sure you’re following me there, too!

Happy Friday! 🙂




4 responses to “Fan Expo Day One”

  1. Bea @Bea's Book Nook Avatar

    I love that people aren’t blinking at the costumes, that’s wonderful. Sorry to hear about the handcart, ouch. I hope today goes perfectly!

    1. Linda Avatar

      A belated reply to your comment, Bea…sorry! And yes, it was very cool. We ended up getting a new handcart that kept folding up on us, lol, but at least it served the purpose…and the rest of the con was amazing!! 😀

  2. Scott Delahunt Avatar

    The costume is from the video game “Assassin’s Creed”.

    I wish I had gotten out to the con this year..

    1. Linda Avatar

      Yes, this was one I was actually familiar with, Scott…though I had no clue about many (most?) of the others there. I’m seriously going to have to work on my geek skills. 😉 And I hope you make it to next year, too!

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