Fan Expo 2013 Highlights

So…Fan Expo Canada?



Seriously, I had such a good time that the only question running through my head all weekend was how did I not start going to these years ago?!? The people, the costumes, the displays…the sheer energy was simply astounding. People of all ages, shapes, sizes, colours, and religions, in costume and out, brought together for the single purpose of geeking-out for four straight days. Who says the world can’t get along?

My purpose for being at the event in the first place was to promote my Grigori Legacy series, of course, and just in case my editor (and/or agent) is reading this and thinking that it was all fun and games for me, let me assure you that I did plenty of the promotion stuff, too. But that was just as much fun, because really, how often does an author have Castiel himself come over to her table to buy a book?


My only regret is that Author Alley, where my table was situated, was in a separate building altogether (and a considerable hike away) from the celebrities, so I didn’t have the chance to see any of the big names that were there. Nor, sadly, did any of them make their way to our little corner of the convention — even though I made it clear to the universe that I would really, really, really like Nathan Fillion to come over and buy my book…sigh 😉

And now, without further ado…some pictures from a convention. I hope you enjoy! 🙂

Oooh…and because the best should always be saved for last? (You’re welcome.) 😉





4 responses to “Fan Expo 2013 Highlights”

  1. firestarbooks Avatar

    OMG! THAT LITTLE FIREBENDER!!! I am soooo glad that you had fun! Maybe I’ll go next year! 😀

    1. Linda Avatar

      Wasn’t he the cutest thing EVER?!? 🙂 And yes, you should definitely consider going. Much fun to be had there! 🙂

  2. Richard Avatar

    I picked up “Sins of the Angels” this weekend and just started reading it. Doesn’t look like I will be getting much sleep tonight lol. to help you remember who I am, “you just lost the game” lol

    1. Linda Avatar

      Damn! You got me again!!! Shall I pass on your regards to my husband as well? 😀 Glad you’re enjoying the book, Richard — it was great meeting you! 🙂

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