Epilogue to the Bookmark Saga

Those of you who have read my long tale of mishaps with respect to making my “keepsake” bookmarks will appreciate the irony of this final chapter in the story. (If you haven’t read the saga yet, check out the post here.)

As part of my promotional efforts for Sins of the Son, I’ve done a sizable mail-out of bookmarks (the unadorned kind) to book clubs and stores across the U.S. This past week, I received a message on Facebook from a reader in Missouri who had gone into an independent bookstore in her town and found a stack of my bookmarks there, alongside some of my books. Having read my saga, she began to laugh. The store owners asked her to share the joke. She did, and they also started to laugh. Turns out that they’d never heard of my books, but upon receiving my “lovely, captivating bookmarks” (remember: the unadorned ones!), they had promptly ordered my books for their store.

I think there’s a moral to this story, don’t you? Something about not sweating the small stuff? 😉

Happy Sunday, everyone!




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4 responses to “Epilogue to the Bookmark Saga”

  1. Bea @Bea's Book Nook Avatar

    HAH! I love it. It’s amazing what promo stuff will work. Good for you!

  2. Linda Avatar

    Thanks, Bea! 🙂

  3. Sophia Rose Avatar
    Sophia Rose

    Thanks for telling me you posted this and I’m really glad for this epilogue to your bookmark tale.

    Sophia (Sally)

    1. Linda Avatar

      You’re welcome, Sophia…and thank YOU! 🙂

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