Down the Rabbit Hole (Again)

You know how sometimes life just kind of swallows you up and refuses to regurgitate you? Yeah. It’s been a little like Untitled design (2)that around here for the last few weeks. Oh, I keep reassuring myself that eventually things will straighten themselves out and get back on track and settle down and all those other platitudes, but honestly? I don’t have time to wait for the universe to sort itself out; I need to get my own ass back in gear.

So in that vein, a long overdue blog post. 😉

What I’m working on: I’m posting Shadow of Doubt, a romantic suspense novel, to the new serial fiction app Radish. The app is only available to iOS users at the moment, but they’re coming out with an android version soon. If you’d like to check out the story in the meantime, I’m also posting a chapter a week to Wattpad. Also in the works for 2016: a new novella and novel in the Ever After series; a secret project that I’ll be releasing under my very first pseudonym (also secret for now); and a proposal for a new urban fantasy series that I’ll be sending out to my agent. So yeah…busy writing year!

What I’m doing in ‘other’ life: It’s spring! And gardening season! And yard cleanup season! And fence-painting season! And we bought new-to-us kitchen cabinets so we can finally do the kitchen renovation that’s been needed for the last twenty year! And now you know why I need to get my ass in gear!

What I’m not doing: All the things all at once. I struggle mightily with the idea that I’m not invincible, but sadly it’s true. Decades of do-it-yourself mania have resulted in an overworked and unhappy shoulder, weekly osteopath appointments, and the reluctant realization that I may have to pace myself. The garden fence will get painted, but only a portion at a time. The raking will get done, but only an hour at a go. I’m a slow learner, but I am learning. 😛

What I’m most grateful for: After much trial and tribulation, our youngest daughter finally seems to be settling into her new life at school and away from home. The roommate situation isn’t fully resolved just yet, but it has settled down enough to be bearable; computer problems are also ongoing but manageable; and daughter is slowly working through her Asperger’s issues with regard to dealing with school routines and teacher expectations. In a nutshell, she’s still standing, and I am both highly relieved and fiercely proud. J

What I’m struggling with: Getting back to my walking routine. My knee has recovered from its winter misstep, and I can do up to 12 kilometres at a stretch…but I’m really struggling with getting back into the daily habit (much to Giant Dog’s ongoing chagrin). Not sure how to break out of the blahs on this one. sigh

Any other news? Well, yes, actually…I’m glad you asked! 😉 I did my first ever AMA (ask me anything) last night on Vidoyen video. While it was a live event, the videos stay up forever, so wander over and check them out (each is 1-3 minutes long, and you can choose which questions you want to see from a list). It was a great deal more fun than I thought it would be (nerves!), and I hope I have the chance to do another sometime.

That’s it for updates for now…I’m going to attempt to blog a little more regularly again (I have four book reviews I need to write at the very least!), so I hope to see you soon. Have an awesome spring in the meantime!



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2 responses to “Down the Rabbit Hole (Again)”

  1. Nicole Avatar

    I’ve really been enjoying Shadow of Doubt. And yay more Ever After! Very exciting things on the horizon. And, I don’t know when you changed it, but I like the new web banner. Very nice. 🙂

    1. Linda Poitevin Avatar

      I’m so glad you’re enjoying the new story, Nicole — thanks for letting me know! And glad you approve of the new banner…I like it, too. 🙂

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