Creativity in the midst of chaos

Dear gods above, it has been A. WEEK. O.o


Political insanity.

COVID numbers skyrocketing.

And I don’t know how many other awful bits of news that have been buried in the avalanche of just the above. (I’m frankly scared to look into it.)

You know that saying, “May you live in interesting times?” I’d give up several kingdoms in order to live in boring times right about now.

But despite the chaos that seems intent on swallowing us, the sun still rises every morning (I know this because my current insomnia ensures I’m up to see it), the planet continues to turn, and life… life goes on. All we can really do is muddle through it as best we can.

For me this week, that has admittedly involved a lot of doomscrolling and horrified looking-on, but I’ve also made a concerted effort to be at least a little creative. Mostly in a practical kitchen sense and mostly because I’d already started when the sh*t hit the proverbial fan, but I’m still giving myself full points because I continued and finished, gosh darn it.

Behold the results: 21 pints of turkey bone broth, 4 pot pies (mostly to give away), and 2 containers of pot pie filling to freeze for later use.

I also got to practice my sanding skills (and patience) with these scrap wood house blocks my daughter asked me to make for my Grandbean.

There weren’t a lot of words created this week, unfortunately. I was just over 500 words in on Tuesday when I learned our province’s lockdown was being extended and intensified because of our pandemic numbers, which made my writer-brain veer away from magical mayhem into a more apocalyptic variety…

Not helpful. 😛

On the bright side, we’ll be in full lockdown with a curfew starting tomorrow and going for a month, so I’ll have lots of time to get back into it, right? :: rolls eyes ::

Plus I still have some wood scraps to play with, so there’s that. 😉

How about you? How are you doing in the midst of the multiple chaoses that are transpiring? And what are you doing to keep yourself from curling up in a fetal position under a table/desk? Let me know in a comment below, and let’s inspire one another to keep going, okay?

Until next time, take care, stay safe, and please mask up… for everyone’s sake!





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