The Giving Tree: Counting Down to Christmas

Christmas has always been my favourite holiday. As a child, the anticipation drove me nearly wild, and I don’t think I’ve changed much as an adult. 😉

One of the things that I always wanted to have (but never got around to making) is an advent calendar. There’s just something magical about opening a little door every day in those final weeks leading up to the big day. I’ve always bought the chocolate kind for my daughters, but I wanted something for me, too…something more enduring. And then I found this idea on a blog called The Space Between:

It’s a Kindness Advent Tree, and I love it. I love the simplicity, the DIY capacity, and especially the idea behind it. For me, Christmas has always been about giving, and what better way to approach it than with an act of kindness every day leading up to it?

Of course, I discovered this idea only yesterday, and there are a couple of problems that immediately surfaced with regard to making it. First, it has snowed significantly here, and fallen branches are a little hard to come by (and taking branches from live trees would kind of defeat the whole kindness thing, don’t you think?). And second, we have this to contend with:


I’m already anticipating spending most of my holiday retrieving Abigail out of the Christmas tree…I really don’t think giving her extra dangly things on fragile branches will help much. 😉

But this advent tree isn’t about the decorativeness, it’s about the kindness. The giving. And as pretty as sparkly white branches and ornaments might be (and will be, when Abigail grows up!), they’re not necessary. So I did this instead:


Sticky notes on my office wall. It couldn’t be easier, and it still serves its purpose: reminding me to hold others in my thoughts as we head into the holidays. Today is the first day for my kindness wall, and this post is my first act of giving…because whether you celebrate Christmas or Yule, or Hannukah, or any other holiday, I’m hoping you’ll make your own advent trees or calendars or sticky-note walls and spread a little kindness in your corner of the world.

I’m going to go cross off day one, now. You’re welcome. 🙂








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4 responses to “The Giving Tree: Counting Down to Christmas”

  1. Kelsey Avatar

    This is such a great idea! I hope it inspires others to try something similar 🙂
    I can also see why Abigail might be a bit of a problem for the first look with the tree and of course the bigger tree. When I was little my cat got in the tree once, but after that she stayed hidden at the bottom. I ended up making her a toy ornament with a bell to keep her entertained too 🙂
    Have a good week!

    1. Linda Avatar

      Yes, we’re looking forward to many fun times of trying to pry the kitten out of the tree…*sigh* I guarantee it will be well-secured to the wall this year! 😀 You have a good week, too, Kelsey! 🙂

  2. Sarah Golden Avatar

    Ooo both are really cool advent calendar ideas. My family always tends to go commercial and get the typical chocolate calendar. This year my boyfriend and I both got each other LEGO advent calendars where there’s a little set behind each door. Not quite DIY, but still very awesome to get to do each day :]

    1. Linda Avatar

      LEGO makes advent calendars?!? That is soooo cool! 🙂

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