Control Freak vs. Free Spirit: A Quest for Harmony

Part free spirit, part control freak, and all internal conflict.

That, I’m sure, is how a psychologist would describe me — well, in layman’s terms, anyway. 😉

The free spirit in me prides herself on spontaneity, flexibility, and the ability to adjust on the fly to whatever life throws at her. It’s the part of me that makes it possible to toss a day’s worth of work plans out the window in favor of a hike in the woods with the dog on a nice day or a day-trip with hubby to a quaint little town.

The control freak has hissy fits when someone folds the towels the wrong way.

You can see where the internal conflict comes in.


For the most part, my two sides manage a relatively peaceful coexistence these days. Free-spirit me has even come to appreciate how control-freak me makes the spontaneous stuff possible. With Gwynneth Ever After newly released and Sins of the Lost fast approaching (only four more months…squee!!), there is a lot to keep track of over the next few months. Free-spirit me fully recognizes that it’s a lot more fun to traipse off for a day without control-freak me hyperventilating because I’ve neglected a dozen critical need-to-do’s. Or worse, forgotten them.

So when control-freak me went shopping last week for a wall calendar to get herself organized and came across a set of peelable, repositionable, dry-erase calendars, free-spirit me was all over the idea — and responsible for spending way more than control-freak me had budgeted for. This was the result:

Five whole, glorious months set up back-to-back, all visible at the same time, big enough to see from my desk so that plans can be made and followed ad nauseum…control-freak me is in heaven. Free-spirit me even gave her pretty colors to write with:

And then, while control-freak me was distracted by all the wonderful organizational opportunities — color-coded ones, no less —free-spirit ignored the yard work list posted on the fridge and spent a whole day reading.

See? Peaceful coexistence. 😉

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2 responses to “Control Freak vs. Free Spirit: A Quest for Harmony”

  1. Ashley S Avatar

    I need to borrow your control freak for a day or two. One look at my desk and shed be off to staples to get me organized!

    1. Linda Avatar

      I’d do it, too — organizing someone else is WAY more fun than organizing myself, lol!

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