Wherein I Write of Con Antics and Turtle Zombies…

So I’m back from the Ad-Astra Toronto convention, and It. Was. Grand.

I’m still riding the high.

Well, that and the caffeine buzz from the multiple cups it’s taking me to wake up post-con the last couple of mornings. 😀

My husband came with me, both to share the driving (Toronto is a not-insignificant 5 hours from Ottawa), and to man the book table when I was goofing off off meeting new friends and being charming. We arrived in plenty of time to scope out the surroundings and settle in before my Friday evening panel, Self-Promotion on the Social Media Soapbox, where I chatted with Toronto publicist Beverly Bambury, author K.V. Johansen, and author Ellie Di Julio about some of the great opportunities available to writers in the social media arena (because, you know, I may have learned a few things in all the thousands of hours I spend online… 😉 ).


Saturday morning started with a buffet breakfast at a table near the lovely, engaging, and hilarious Marie Bilodeau, an Ottawa author and friend who promptly called my husband by the wrong name (Jim instead of Pat) when introducing him to her table companion. The two of them seem to have settled on a hybrid Jim-Pat to save further confusion…at least for Marie. 😉

The day took a slight turn for the woo-woo side when I went into the washroom a little later, and I discovered black feathers scattered across the floor (readers of Sins of the Lost will understand the significance of this). I recovered fairly well, however, and only spent part of my time waiting for the Archangels to swoop in and tear the place apart…


Over the course of the day, several fans of the Grigori Legacy stopped by the table to say hi. Jim-Pat and his companion, Lucifer (because that is an AWESOME name for a fuzzy dragon, yes?), were fabulous promoters of the series to new readers…


…and I connected/re-connected with a ton of other authors. I even summoned up the courage to introduce myself to guest of honor Patricia Briggs, who proved to be as sweet and delightful as blogger friend Bea promised — she even agreed to a photo with me. 😀


For the afternoon signing event, I was seated between Marie and writer James Alan Gardner. Much hilarity ensued…and it’s possibly that many readers may have quietly slipped out the door to safety… (If at some time in the future you ever come across a series of books featuring angel  and demon zombies, soulless bankers, and turtle zombies, I take no responsibility!)

I also had a reading on Saturday evening, following on the heels of the awesome Alyx Dellamonica. Huge thanks to everyone who came to listen! It was great fun…especially when I shared THE FIRST CHAPTER OF SINS OF THE WARRIOR!!! Now don’t you wish you’d come to the con? 😉

Oh, yes, and that evening, Jim-Pat (he will never live down that name, I swear!) and I managed to take in three separate parties: the Can-Con Cupcake & Caffeine Party (promoting the upcoming Conference on Canadian Content in Speculative Art & Fiction which will happen in Ottawa in October), the launch party for Robin Riopelle’s Deadroads (which features my first-ever cover blurb — woot!), and finally a general gathering in the con suite. 


Sunday brought a half-day of visiting with old and new friends, fans, fellow authors, Ad-Astra volunteers, and assorted other con-goers (including some in awesome costumes!)



…before it was time to pack up and say goodbye for another year. Ad Astra, thank you so much for another great con experience. It truly was a pleasure! 🙂

 P.S. Now that I’ve shared the first chapter of Sins of the Warrior via a public reading, it seems only fair to do so with readers, too. Soooo…sign up for my newsletter and then keep an eye on your email inbox. I’ll send the excerpt out to you this month! 




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2 responses to “Wherein I Write of Con Antics and Turtle Zombies…”

  1. Bea @Bea's Book Nook Avatar

    Dang, you were busy but it sounds like a fantastic time. I’m glad you finally talked to Patty, she really is such a sweetie. 🙂

    1. Linda Avatar

      It was, and she is! And I remembered to say hi to her for you. 🙂

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