Coming to Terms with Autumn…

Despite the blooming of the last rose of summer in my back yard this week, the onset of autumn (and the approach of winter) have pretty much become undeniable. 

And despite any whining you may have seen me doing on Facebook and/or Twitter, I’m really not as averse to the idea as one might think. In fact, I quite like fall for a number of reasons (be forewarned that the pictures really have nothing to do with the list…I just thought they were pretty and wanted to share them with you 😉 ):

1. There’s a lot less work involved. The garden is pretty much done (along with harvest season in general), the canner is put away, and yard work is more or less finished for the year—or it will be once I get all the leaves raked up this weekend. And the solar lights put away. And the pond closed. And the flower pots emptied. And the garden cleared out. And the garage swept. And…hmm, well maybe there’s still a little bit of work involved… 😉


2. No more bugs, which means I can take Giant Dog for a walk in the woods without looking like a human windmill. A really off-balance human windmill… 😛


3. Sweaters and scarves. (No further explanation needed, right?)


4. Wood fires. (Again, no explanation needed.)


5. Hot cocoa. (Neither explanation nor justification needed for that one!) 😀


6. Fall leaves. They’re mostly on the ground, now, but they make a lovely crunching sound underfoot, bringing me straight back to childhood leaf piles. 000.8

7. And finally, Giant Dog loves the cooler weather soooo much. How can I possibly begrudge him such sheer joy? 😀





5 responses to “Coming to Terms with Autumn…”

  1. Kelsey Avatar

    The Fall is my favourite time of the year, especially because of no bugs! Too bad it always goes by the fastest.

    1. Linda Avatar

      It really does, doesn’t it, Kelsey? *sigh*

      1. Kelsey Avatar

        I know. Like right now it’s snowing in my backyard lol.

  2. Elizabeth cooper Avatar

    Love this time of the year and everything you listed. I have a boxer and he enjoys the cooler weather as well.

    1. Linda Avatar

      The lower the temperature gets here, the happier Giant Dog gets, lol. Our coldest walk last year was at -41C…roughly the same in Fahrenheit. I want warmer boots this year! 😉

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