Christmas Shopping: My Neverending Story

A few days ago, I finished my Christmas shopping. I must admit that I was very pleased with myself. I was ahead of schedule, out of the malls before the real chaos set in, pretty much stress-free, and on budget. In fact, I’d met every goal I’d set for myself this year. What more could I ask?

Well, let me put it this way: next year, I’ll be adding one additional goal. STOP.

Because it seems that once I get going, I apparently find it very difficult to know when to quit. I’m forever thinking of just one more thing for one child or another (which then requires an extra something for the others, of course, because I have this compulsion to keep things fair, too). To my credit, all the things I’m thinking of at this point are very practical. Even needed, in most cases. The problem is, with two girls living on student budgets and getting ready to move out of home, they need a lot. And with their aisles of household paraphernalia, clothing, and other sundries, not even the grocery stores or pharmacies are safe for me to traverse these days. Sigh.

I’ve concluded, therefore, that the only solution is to keep me away from any retail-type places altogether. Which leaves just one question…who’s going to volunteer to take my grocery list? 😉



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