Books Fighting Cancer

When it comes to cancer, it seems that everyone you talk to these days has lost someone to the disease or knows someone who is fighting it. I’ve felt the impact of cancer twice in my own life, with the loss of both my parents. My father died 18 years ago Wednesday at the age of 53, three days after my youngest daughter was born. He had brain cancer that had metastasized from the lungs. Twelve years and one month later, my mother died of exactly the same thing. She was 62.

So when Chelsea of Vampire Book Club contacted me a week ago about participating in an event to raise funds for brain cancer research at the Barrow Neurological Institute, my answer was a no-brainer. Of course. Many other authors responded with the same answer, and Chelsea’s Books Fighting Cancer Auction was born. I hope you’ll check it out — the list of items is long, varied, and backed by some of the biggest names in the urban fantasy and paranormal romance genres.

With all proceeds going to research, it’s one of those win-win-win situations we all love. You win, cancer research wins, and — sooner or later, with luck and persistence — we all win.



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2 responses to “Books Fighting Cancer”

  1. Chelsea / Vampire Book Club Avatar

    Thanks for your support, Linda!

  2. Linda Avatar

    It’s my absolute pleasure, Chelsea!

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