Bibliophiles Rejoice! It’s Paperback Book Day!


Happy Paperback Books Day! (3)In my aimless wanderings around the Internet (squirrel, anyone? 😉 ), I recently discovered that July 30 is Paperback Book Day. Huh. Who knew?

And why?

It turns out that Penguin Books published — you guessed it — their first paperback books on July 30, 1935 in the U.K. While other paper-covered books had been released before Penguin’s, they’d been cheaply made, hadn’t stood up well, and never became popular. Penguin paperbacks, however, sold an incredible three million copies in the first year and changed the face of publishing.

And there you have it. Paperback Book Day. I think we should celebrate, don’t you? Maybe with…oh, I don’t know…a paperback book purchase? 

So whatcha going to buy? 😀



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