Best-laid Garden Plans…Oops

I planned out my entire vegetable garden out on paper  this year, right down to the last radish seed (I’m using the square-foot gardening method), so I was a little bit puzzled when I found myself left with a sizeable empty spot on planting day a week ago.

Not puzzled enough, however, to go inside and fetch the actual garden plan.

Instead, I chose to shrug my shoulders, dump some extra marigolds into the ‘bonus’ spot, dust off my hands, and finish my day with a mojito. Everything fit, after all, so no problem, right?


Today, I noticed what looked like grass shoots poking up through the pepper patch…in suspiciously regular intervals.

It took me a while (because pre-caffeine), but I finally remembered that I’d planted corn this year…about a week before the bedding plants went in. Corn, when it starts to grow, looks a lot like grass.


Long story (involving mild swearing on my part) short, the spare marigolds are now encircling the zucchini plant, the peppers have been moved to the former marigold space, and new corn seeds have been planted to replace the ones inadvertently demolished when the peppers went in. All in all, everything seems to have survived the trauma of being uprooted for a second time, and I’ve learned not to be so lazy and to actually check my carefully worked out plans.

Wanna bet I’ve forgotten the lesson by next year?  😛

Everything (finally) in its place.




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2 responses to “Best-laid Garden Plans…Oops”

  1. valerieraemillard Avatar

    Hahaha …best laid plans ?

    1. Linda Avatar

      Yeah… 😉

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