Best Giveaway EVER!!!


I have a new giveaway running…and I am soooo excited for this one.

It has just about killed me not to tell you about it. Seriously.

Which makes me realize I’m crap at keeping secrets. 😛

But it’s all good, because I can tell you now. Yay!!!

So what’s my excitement all about? Well, my new romantic suspense, Shadow of Doubt, is releasing next month (May 10), and to celebrate that release, I’m giving out some of my awesome book-shaped flash drives pre-loaded with the book…aaaaannnnd, because my heroine Kate Dexter is an RCMP officer in the story, I’m throwing in something extra, extra special.

Each winner (there will be three) will also receive a genuine, honest-to-goodness RCMP shoulder flash removed by this writer’s very own hands from her recently retired hubby’s uniforms (and saved just for an occasion such as this!). These are a true collector’s item, folks, and unless you know someone *ahem 😀 * they’re not easy to come by.

How cool is that, amIright?

Want your chance to win one? Or better yet, multiple chances? Enter here (the giveaway is open internationally) — and good luck to you all!





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2 responses to “Best Giveaway EVER!!!”

  1. Melissa Avatar

    Oh no! The link is still protecting the secret!

    1. Linda Avatar

      Fixed now. And I think I need a drink… 😛

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