An Abundance of Projects: The Domino Effect

Life is never dull around my house.

And when it feels like it might be getting dull? I find more stuff to do. Because heaven forbid we have time to kick back, put up our feet, and relax around here. 😛

Think I’m exaggerating? Here’s the current state of my house (remember: we’re prepping for potential sale next spring):

  • We’ve moved our bedroom from the basement to its proper home in the designated master bedroom. The closet, however, is still filled with office stuff, pending the arrival and assembly of a new organizer. Why a new organizer? Because the bedroom isn’t big enough to accommodate hubby’s dresser, so we need a way to fit more stuff into the closet. (Hubby’s dresser, incidentally, is currently sitting in the middle of the living room…)
  • Before we can buy the organizer, we need to clear out the spare room so we have space for assembly. This is mostly done, with me having moved the majority of my office contents to the basement this past weekend, but the bookcases won’t fit in the new office space (too tall), so they’re still sitting in the spare room awaiting sale (I heart Kijiji!). My former desk is still there, too, pending moving help from someone way stronger than I am.
  • The above means that my office supplies are shoved into the basement closet along with most of our clothes…and that I need to buy new shelving after the clothes are moved out.
  • Once we’re done using the spare room as a workshop and storage space, I need to repaint the room and hubby will be installing new flooring. Then we’ll move our youngest daughter over there (it’s a bigger room, and she needs the space).
  • Then I’ll repaint the room she’s currently occupying with a view to having an actual guest room rather than an inflatable mattress in whatever space is currently large enough.

I think you can see where the domino effect comes in. 😉

And the abundance part? That would be all the stuff I’m doing in the meantime:

  • We’ve bought a new-to-us dining set (more Kijiji! 🙂 ) that is sitting in our garage pending the sale of our current furniture. As soon as that’s moved, I need to finish the cleaning-out of the garage that I started in June.
  • We’ve had a pile of gravel sitting in our driveway for the last three weeks that needs to be moved to the back yard for the garden paths. We need to get that done before we can have the front walkway and driveway drain repaired.
  • Before I moved into the new office space, I decided it needed a new paint job. I was right…and it looks fantastic!…
  • …but now the adjoining family room needs a similar facelift. I’ll be putting fresh paint on the walls and trim, painting the fireplace brick, installing a mantle, and (theoretically) painting the woodstove with a high-gloss, high-heat enamel. 
  • I’m also updating our 70s set of bedroom furniture with new paint and hardware. The cats are totally helping with that. 😉


But just to prove I haven’t completely taken leave of my senses, I’ve decided I’m taking the month of September off to focus on getting as much of this work done as I can. No new writing projects for a whole month. How smart is that??? I may even give up my usual canning for winter this year so that I don’t take on too much.

You know I can hear you laughing, right…? 😛






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2 responses to “An Abundance of Projects: The Domino Effect”

  1. miki Avatar

    i’m in a quite similar ( oki worse) situation and i do want my new shelves i must definitively arrange my father late worksop but to do that… arf it would be too long to explain but believe me i understand

    1. Linda Avatar

      I’m sure many people can relate, Miki…sometimes it seems there’s never an end to the to-do list. 😉

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