Amazon Algorithms: Myth or Magic?

A couple of weeks back, I heard via the Internet grapevine that it was a Good Thing for authors to have 40+ “likes” on their Amazon author page. No one said exactly what that Good Thing was, but never one to pass up the possibility of improving my book standings (and maybe even move to the head of the massive line, however briefly! ;)), I put out an appeal to my Twitter followers and Facebook friends. Within a few days, the “likes” on my author page had ratcheted up to the required number…hitting a total of 41. And…


At least, nothing I was able to discern. No fireworks, no sudden upswing in my Amazon sales rank…nada.

So here are my questions: is there any truth to the Amazon algorithm rumor? If you’ve worked to push up your author “likes,” have you noticed any change in your ranking? Sales? Anything? If you have noticed something, at what point did change occur (40, 60, 100?)?

In a nutshell, is the elusive algorithm worth pursuing or not?




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2 responses to “Amazon Algorithms: Myth or Magic?”

  1. Diane Avatar

    I have no idea, I’ve heard of it on other blogs but have never liked any on Amazon myself.

  2. Brenda Gayle Avatar

    Linda, I’m still waiting for something magical to happen, too. I can’t help wondering if readers bother looking at the author page. I suspect it’s just authors who look at other author pages. Most readers are interested in books, while authors are interested in who writes them. Still, I’m happy to “like” other authors in the hope that they’ll “like” me in return even if it’s just a feel good exercise.

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