All. The. Things.

After being laid up for better than a week with not one but two different knee injuries (and yes, both knees were involved, and yes, I’m much better now, thanks 😉 ), I’m trying to get back on track again with house, yard, writing…you name it, it needs to be done.

Suffice it to say that may have been out of commission, but my to-do list happily continued on without me.

And now I’m staring down the prospect of an early winter with this in the forecast. O.o


The ugly truth, my friends, is that I may have run out of time to do All. The. Things.

I’ve already given up on canning this year (horrors!), and now the yard is facing the same cavalier fate, and I’ve begun eyeing my ever-growing to-do list with a jaundiced eye, wondering what else I can cut from it. Painting the spare room? Refinishing three more pieces of furniture? Putting new ceiling tiles in the basement? Sorting out three years of paperwork in my off–yeah, okay, that one can get crossed off 😉 –but the others? I’m not sure I’m ready to cry ‘uncle’ on those just yet.

Which would explain why I was researching list-making apps for my iPhone after I went to bed last night.

Yes, my life is that sad.

But I found a pretty, colour-coded, prioritizing one. 😀

It’s on my to-do list for downloading… 😛




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