Ad Astra 2013

It seemed like forever ago that I signed up for Ad Astra, and here it is just one day away. Am I ready? HA! Not nearly. (Somebody really has to figure out how to slow down time. Just sayin’. ;))

Ready or not, however, tomorrow morning I’ll be getting into my vehicle and making the five-hour drive to my first-ever fan convention…and I am soooo excited. Seriously, I’ve never even been to a comic con or anything, so this will be a total blast for me.

For those of you attending, I’ll be doing a reading on Friday evening at 7:30 (Floor 2, Suite 2), and participating in a panel (The Book is Only the Beginning) on Saturday at noon. I’ll also be signing at the autograph session from 4:30-6:00 p.m. on Saturday, so bring your books to be signed (I’ll have copies for sale at the convention as well) and stop by to say hello (I would really, really like to see a friendly face or two :))!

Also, if you’re planning to take in the panel on cyber-bullying, my husband is one of the panelists — feel free to say hi to him, too!

Happy early weekend! 😀




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2 responses to “Ad Astra 2013”

  1. Diane Avatar

    Safe trip Linda!

  2. frogstar42 Avatar

    I hope you liked it enough to return for 2015… we’re working on making it great!

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