About that author… (What Heaven thinks of the Grigori Legacy)

And now for a bit of Friday fun! This post originally appeared on Moonlight Gleam’s Bookshelf, but it ended up being so much fun that I wanted to share it here, too. It’s a mini-scene between Verchiel and Mika’el…who are discussing me. O.O

About that author…

Verchiel hesitated, taking in the bowed head and slumped shoulders of the Archangel by the window. Mika’el already had so much to deal with that it seemed unfair to bother him with this latest news. Except she had no one else she could turn to, and so had no choice. Raising her hand, she tapped on the doorframe. “Mika’el, do you have a moment?”

Lifting his head, Heaven’s greatest warrior looked over his shoulder. “For you, Highest, always.”

Verchiel flinched at his use of her title. Highest Seraph. Would she ever get used to her new position? Putting aside her personal issues, she ventured further into the room and folded her hands before her. “One of the Virtues has brought a small matter to my attention and I would like your advice on how to handle it.”

“More problems?” Mika’el growled. “Because the impending Armageddon isn’t enough?” He closed his eyes for a moment. Then, heaving a sigh, he turned, thrust his hands into his pockets, and leaned back against the wall. “Go ahead.”

“Our story is being told on Earth.”

“Our story has always been told on Earth. Well, bits and pieces of it, anyway, and rarely accurately, but—” He shrugged. “Why is it suddenly a problem?”

“Not that story. This one.” Verchiel lifted one hand to wave in a vague all-encompassing gesture. “Our story. Yours, mine, Aramael’s…the Naphil’s.”

The Archangel went still. His emerald gaze sharpened. “This story. You mean the mortals know what’s going on? All of them? Bloody Hell, Highest, I’d hardly call that a small matter. Is the Naphil’s fault? Has she gone to the media?”

“It’s not what you think,” Verchiel hastened to assure him. “Word is spreading, yes, but the ones who have heard it think it is fiction.”

“Fiction.” Scowling, Mika’el crossed his arms. “Explain.”

“There is a writer—a novelist—“

“A novelist?”

“A – “ Verchiel searched her memory. “Linda Poitevin, I think is her name. She has written two books so far, under the series title of The Grigori Legacy.”

Mika’el grunted. “Well, she certainly got that part right.”

“From what I can tell, she has it all right. Every detail. She’s working on a third book now.”

“And you want to know what we should do about her.”

Verchiel nodded. “If anything.”

“How is she getting her information?”

“We haven’t been able to determine that. We’ve found no connection between her and the Naphil—or any of the others who know about us. As far as we can tell, the writer herself believes her story to be a figment of her imagination. And even if someone were feeding her the information, it wouldn’t explain how she knows what she does. She describes my thoughts as accurately as if she were in my head…” Verchiel trailed off with a shudder.

“Have you told the One?”

“I thought it best to seek your counsel first.”

The Archangel fell silent, staring at the floor between them. “You’re certain her books are considered fiction,” he said finally, his green gaze lifting to hers again.

“That is the one thing I am certain of. I checked into it personally. The series is considered an urban fantasy.”

“And what are your thoughts on how we should handle the matter?”

“I’m inclined to monitor the situation for the moment but not interfere.” Verchiel lifted her shoulders in a shrug. “As long as her writings are considered fiction, they remain harmless, but if we were to take action, we might inadvertently draw attention to the issue.”

“I think you’re right. But if you have any concerns at all, we’ll need to move fast.”

“Agreed. Thank you for your help, Mika’el.” Turning, Verchiel retraced her steps. Mika’el’s voice stopped her at the door.

“Out of curiosity,” he said, “What are the titles of this Poitevin’s books?”

“The first is Sins of the Angels,” she replied. “And the second, Sins of the Son.”

Mika’el’s eyebrows shot up. “You’re right. She’s uncannily accurate. I suggest you monitor her closely, Highest. Very closely.”





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      Thank you! Glad you enjoyed. 🙂

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    That was fun indeed!

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