A week of holiday kindness

So I’m one week into my advent kindness tree and it turns out that I was right: finding things to do for others in the days leading up to Christmas is totally awesome. I try to live in a kind way most of the time (I’m the one who holds open doors, lets drivers into the traffic lineup, and smiles at the cashiers/waitresses having a bad day), but this concerted effort, this focus…? It’s made me even more aware of all the opportunities that exist for everyday thoughtfulness…and I honestly get a huge kick out of getting up in the morning and seeing what I’ll get to do that day.

Here’s what my first week looked like:

On Day 1, I blogged about the idea, hoping to inspire others to do something similar. On Day 2, I wrote a letter to an armed forces member serving overseas. Day 3 was supposed to be buy a coffee for a friend, but I wasn’t able to get out that day, so instead I cleaned out my cupboards and took a bagful of non-perishables to the food bank. On Day 4, I emailed someone who needed a holiday lift. On Day 5, I left 2 rolls of “scoop” bags at the dog park for people who might have forgotten their own. Day 6 found me cleaning out my long-neglected bird feeders, buying a new bag of seed, and hanging out some winter cheer for my feathered friends. Yesterday, on Day 7, I baked a batch of shortbread cookies and took some over to a neighbour who is on her own now that her kids have moved away. And today? Today I’m calling someone I haven’t talked to in way too long.

I’d call that a successful week, wouldn’t you? 🙂

P.S. It’s never too late to start your own kindness count-down, so why not join me? If you need inspiration, check out the ideas at 101 Ideas for Random Acts of Kindness.



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