A Slight Service Interruption…Please Stand By

If you’re not directly involved with the publishing industry, you may not have heard about the Pronoun debacle. What is Pronoun? Well, it was a third-party distributor of e-books to retailers, and a fantastically fabulous resource for indie writers (like myself). I loved it soooooo much.

And now you’re probably wondering what the debacle was.

Well, long story short, Pronoun rather abruptly announced just before Christmas that it was closing its doors, effective January 15th. Which left a whole lot of writers (like myself) scrambling to get their books transferred away from there and back up for sale again.

Honestly, I’m rather late to that particular party. I decided I wasn’t going to stress myself over Christmas, particularly as I was also doing a pre-Christmas renovation of my kitchen…by myself…while my husband was out of the country…because that’s just how I roll. 😛

All this to say, I finally got my act together, and my books are uploaded and ready for publication via another distributor (Draft2Digital, also fabulous). But there’s one small glitch.

In order to publish to any of the retailers (Amazon, Kindle, Kobo, Nook, iBooks, etc.), I need to take my current editions down from them first–and that can take up to five business days, during which there might be a lapse in availability. So if you’re looking to purchase any of my indie titles (Gwynneth Ever AfterForever AfterForever Grace, or Sins of the Warrior) and they suddenly disappear, rest assured I’m on it. I’ll be monitoring the sales channels and I’ll have them back up for sale as possible.

Sorry for the inconvenience, and thank you for your patience!





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