A New Year Deserves New Books Giveaway!

It’s a new year, and what better way to start it off on the right foot than with a new book (or two or three)? 🙂

To get you started — and to say thank you to the reading community at large for all the awesome support over the last year — I’m giving away a $20 gift card to one winner’s choice of online bookstore (as long as that store allows for electronic gifting). Enter with the Rafflecopter form below (yes, it’s international), and good luck! 🙂

Oh yes…and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

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60 responses to “A New Year Deserves New Books Giveaway!”

  1. Viki S. Avatar
    Viki S.

    I have Kindle and a Fire and I love them both but I love books. I will always buy my favorite authors work in print. Thank you.

  2. miki Avatar

    i don’t an ereader and i’m not planning on getting one ( the only would be if i won one). My eyes tire easily so i prfer paper ( in comparaison to reading on the computer)

    thank you a lot for this giveaway!!

  3. susan Avatar

    i don’t have an e-reader mainly because i, old school and prefer the feel of a book in my hand and because i work on computors all day long id hate to have to read off one as well…. the only reason i wld consider getting on is for all the novellas that are onlt released on ebook and take forever if they ever come out in book form

  4. Mirjam Avatar

    I have a Sony ereader, but I definitely prefer print. Ebooks are mainly reserved for reading while I’m visiting a foreign country, free ebooks or bargains and for testdriving books I’m not sure about.

  5. Victoria Avatar

    I don’t own one and have no intention of having one. I prefer paper books because I can feel the texture and see the cover and keep it with me

  6. Jyothsna Avatar

    I own a Nook and I love it. Ebooks are a home space saver but when it comes to a choice its paper books all the way.

  7. Bea Avatar

    I have an e-reader and I love how convenient it is but I haven’t given up print books yet. I still like print for reference books and for getting favorite books signed by the author.

  8. Reanna Avatar

    I bought myself a first gen Kindle Fire last year, and I love it. It’s really nice to be able to have so many books right at my fingertips. I used to think I’d hate an e-reader, but I’ve proven that wrong!

  9. Angel Avatar

    Don’t have an e-reader, and I am not interested in one anytime soon. Still read in print. I like owning my books, not leasing them.

    Best, and keep on blogging.

  10. Steff Avatar

    I have a Kobo and an iPad that I read from … I love ‘real’ books … I love the feel and the smell and even how much space in my house they take up … but for convenience sake I find I read mostly from my e-readers … I also seem to buy a lot more books electronically since I can do it whenever the mood strikes and not have to get out and go to a book store …

  11. Mimi Avatar

    I don’t own e-reader and I don´t want to own any. For me e-reader cannot replace printed book, where I can feel smell of pages, touch them…and also I want to have all my favourites in my bookcase.

  12. Elaine Avatar

    I don’t have an e-reader, but I do have the Kindle app on my iPad. I like it and it’s fun to get quick reads on. But it will never replace a real book to me. There’s something about the smell of the pages and the feel of it in your hand that just can’t be beat!

  13. Vicki R Avatar
    Vicki R

    We have an iPad, though I don’t use it as an e-reader. I’m an old fashioned paper book kind of girl.

  14. Karyn Ryan Avatar
    Karyn Ryan


  15. blodeuedd Avatar

    I do not have one, sure I’d like to have one but I would still prefer print cos I read fast and it annoys me if it’s slow, if I can’t check page 1 in a sec..yup lazy

  16. Kendal Avatar

    I love my Kindle Fire. I don’t know why but I can a lot more book don my Kindle. However, I love going to a bookstore! So, after reading a couple of Kindle books, I have to read a print book.


  17. Jessica Avatar

    I have a nookColor. I love it, but I would rather have the hard copy. There is nothing like the weight or smell of a new (or thoroughly read) book.

  18. Mimi LaRue Avatar
    Mimi LaRue

    I prefer e-readers. Much nicer to browse books before buying them and simpler then going to bookstore or library.

  19. Readsalot81 Avatar

    I have an e-reader, and LOVE IT to death, but I really do prefer print books. Something I can hold, collect & show off. “Authorgraphs” are just not the same as a signed copy.. lol.

  20. Veronika Avatar

    I have an e-reader and love it! I read almost all my books on it. But I have to say if a book is close to my heart, I’m always ordering it in physical copy as well. I just need to put them on my bookshelf 😀

  21. Bonnie Avatar

    I have a Kindle and use it often but I still have a soft spot for physical books. I think it has something to do with being able to see them all the time on my bookshelves. 🙂

  22. Elizabeth H. Avatar
    Elizabeth H.

    I have an e-reader but I prefer print books. There’s a certain kind of intimacy when you have a tangible book.

  23. Diane Avatar

    I have an e-reader and find it very handy when going away to visit my family; but overall I still prefer the paper books!!!

  24. Jeff Dougan Avatar
    Jeff Dougan

    I don’t own an e-reader, but love my physical books a bit too much to be willing to give them up.

  25. mitzy Avatar

    I don’t own an e-reader but I am considering getting one, its very handy, I read on my laptop or tablet but if I really love the book I’ll buy the paper one, there something on opening a new book, smeling the paper…

  26. Heather Avatar

    I am a paper girl for those books that I must own to reread again and again. Otherwise I just read my first ebook from the library in my netbook. It was pretry easy and I would do it again.

  27. Sullivan McPig Avatar
    Sullivan McPig

    I do have an ereader, but love my print books more

  28. Rebe Avatar

    I own a Kindle & an iPad. I definitely prefer reading on the kindle to paper books! That said, I still buy tons of paper books.

  29. Marty Avatar

    I have a Kindle & I absolutely love it. It’s very light & great for travel. Being an avid reader, it’s been a space saver.

  30. Cindy Brooks Avatar
    Cindy Brooks

    I do have an e-reader, but I only use it when I’m traveling. I’d much rather spend time in my reading space with a real book.

  31. D. D. Syrdal Avatar

    I just got an e-reader for Xmas (Kobo Mini) and I really am liking it. I’m not entirely ready to give up paper books, especially special editions. And I like being able to get them signed by the authors (when possible).

  32. Bethany C. Avatar
    Bethany C.

    I have an e-reader, but I still like print books, too. I’d say they’re even in my estimation. I don’t think (if I have the choice) I’ll ever entirely give up print.

  33. Juliana Avatar

    I have an ereader and love it! I take it everywhere. Tons of books and it weighs less than a single paperback!

  34. Belinda D Avatar
    Belinda D

    don’t own any electronic readers, prefer holding an actual book in my hands.

  35. Spav Avatar

    I have an ereader but I still prefer reading paper books.

  36. Anne Michaud Avatar

    I have a Kindle but will ALWAYS prefer paper – I just love the book in itself; I love holding it, turning the pages, the feel and smell of it, too.

  37. Adelaida Avatar

    I have a Kindle, and I usually read on it when I’m travelling. At home, I prefer to read paper 🙂

  38. Rick Henderson Avatar

    I own an ebook but don’t read it too often, though my wife loves it! I do love books as well. A good e-reader with e-ink is easy on the eyes, not like reading a computer screen. Books are good because when travelling, I’d worry less about breaking them 🙂

  39. Cathy Avatar

    I have a nook and an iPad and like the convenience of having my library with me at all times!

  40. Julie Avatar

    I have a Kindle which I am coming to prefer over printed matter due to it’s extreme portability. There are however, several series’ that I started in print that I will continue to the end in print. Just to keep the shelf even 😉

  41. Gemma Avatar

    I own an e-reader (a kindle) but I still prefer physical books. The smell of a new bok, the crack of the spin when u first open it and the feel. An e-reader just can’t replace that.

  42. winnie Avatar

    I don’t have an e-reader but to be honest, I’m doing just fine with my Kindle app so I’m not in a hurry to get one. If anything, I would prefer to get a really good Android tablet instead that can do so much more than just read books! 🙂

  43. Memory Avatar

    I have a Kobo, and I love it! I wouldn’t say I prefer it over paper books, but I am glad to have a compact way to store all the things I know I’ll reread time and again. It’s great for electronic-only releases, too, and for review copies.

  44. Michael Bentley Avatar
    Michael Bentley

    I own an e-reader and have come to prefer ebooks over physical books. Just easier to deal with generally.

  45. Tobi H Avatar

    I do have one and I LOVE both. I refuse to pay more than $7.99 for an eBook so if it’s more I buy the tangible copy!
    thanks for the giveaway! <3

  46. Mia Avatar

    I do have an ereader. I got an ereader because, while I still prefer print books, I don’t have much space in my apartment.

  47. Meredith Schwartz Avatar
    Meredith Schwartz

    I have a Nook, but I don’t prefer it over paper. It’s good for travel and storage, but I dislike running out of charge, not being able to lend, and not having the physical memory of the book to help me place it thereafter. Also not crazy about format lock-in, lack of true ownership/resale, and worry about obsolescence.

  48. Hailey Avatar

    I do not own an e-reader. I much prefer actually having a real book in my hands. The smell of the pages, the excitement as you near the end and wonder how on earth the story is going to wrap up in so few pages, the pride of seeing your bookshelves buckle under the weight of your reading conquests…

    Yeah. No e-reader.

  49. Francene Avatar

    I have a Kindle and I love both formats. I love my Kindle because it can hold so many books and is easy to carry around. I love print books because I enjoy their physical nature. I tend to switch off when reading, first one format and then the other.

  50. Vikki @ V's Book Life Avatar

    I have a kindle touch, but the only reason I bought it was to read my review copies that are sent via electronic means. I always buy print copies when I can…plus the occasional cheap e-book but I will forever prefer paperback copies. No contest.

  51. Denise Avatar

    I don’t own an e-reader but I do have a Samsung Galaxy 2 tablet and I have downloaded an app to read books. I do still prefer actual books but having a device and being able to read e-books is definitely handy and useful.

  52. Shannon Avatar

    I don’t own an e-reader and currently have no plans to get one. A lot of it is simple nostalgia – nothing will ever be able to replace the feel of a real book in my hands! I do sometimes wish for the convenience of being able to travel with my entire library, but not enough to stop me from buying the physical copy.

  53. Nicole Luiken Avatar

    I prefer print books. I have a Kobo, but I use it primarily to read books that aren’t released in print, or are hard to find.

  54. バーバーリコピー Avatar


  55. Shelley @ Gizmos Reviews Avatar

    I love the feel of actual books. I like the smell of them as well especially when they’re new. I do, however, have about 300 EBooks on my Kindle at the moment that needs attention.

  56. Casey Avatar

    I have a Kindle and yes I do love it because I can take hundreds of books with me wherever I go. But at the same time, there is nothing better than holding a n actual book. It’s a love/hate relationship.

  57. Georgie Lee Avatar

    I prefer paper books. I’m kind of old fashioned that way.

  58. Lynn K. Avatar
    Lynn K.

    The e-reading I’m doing is usually done on the iPhone/iPad so I’m saving for a proper e-ink reader this year. At the same time I love reading physical books as well.

  59. annalee Avatar

    I have a sony reader. Generally, yes, I prefer it over print books–at least over paperbacks. I get hardcovers as keepsakes, get them signed etc. But if I’m getting a book just to read it, I vastly prefer an ebook to a paperback–especially a mass market paperback (trade paperbacks are a lot easier to hold open while reading).

    Usually when I’m getting a hardcover to keep, I also grab the ebook to read.

  60. Sheila Avatar

    I love them both, ereaders and paperbacks!

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