8 Fabulous Clothing Gifts for Book Lovers

And now for part two of my list of holiday gift-giving ideas for book lovers. This week’s category: clothing. And what a category! There are soooo many cool things we book lovers can wear…should wear…will definitely want to wear. I tried to stay away from the ubiquitous t-shirt in favour of the more unique items–have fun browsing! 🙂

Clothing Gifts for Book Lovers

1. Because bow ties are cool (just ask the Doctor!), and what could be cooler than one inspired by Where the Wild Things Are? Find it at this Etsy store.

2. For the little book lover in your life, this most amazing of quotes from Shakespeare. I know, I know, it’s a t-shirt. But it’s soooo cute. And little. And it’s handmade. And it’s a great quote! Find it here

3. It’s cute, it’s flirty, it’s handmade, and it doesn’t get much more bookish than this. Available at this Etsy store

4. These win just for sheer conversation-starting potential. Leggings…printed with text from Hamlet. Get them at Black Milk Clothing. (I wonder what Shakespeare would have thought of them? 😉 ) 


5. Have a librarian in your life? (Or someone who at least remembers what a library card looks like? 😀 )These socks from Out of Print are perfect! 


6. For the gentleman bibliophile in your life, from this Etsy store. (And if he’s a writer, there’s a typewriter design, too.)

7. Who wouldn’t want a gorgeous, soft jersey literary scarf? With versions ranging from Edgar Allen Poe’s The Cask of Amontillado to Dante’s Inferno and Alice In Wonderland, these come in a range of colours. Worth checking out on Etsy.

8. And last but not least, these. Decoupage dictionary heels to satisfy the most discerning of word nerds (and a done-for-you version of the do-it-yourself flats I posted in last week’s list).

Coming up next week: jewelry gifts (sooooo pretty!). Don’t want to miss out? Subscribe to the blog using the big red button in the sidebar! Oh, and let me know in the comments which of the above is your favourite (I kinda heart those shoes…). 🙂

P.S. Looking for a great book gift? Put a little romance in someone’s holiday with Gwynneth Ever After, now in e-book and print!

Put a little romance in your holiday!



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2 responses to “8 Fabulous Clothing Gifts for Book Lovers”

  1. Jen Avatar

    That skirt is gorgeous!

    1. Linda Avatar

      Isn’t it sweet, Jen? 🙂

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