My Ad Astra 2016 Schedule

1.0So here we are driving to Toronto for Ad Astra, when I suddenly remember that I forgot to tell anyone where I’d be once I got there. Or, for that matter, even that I was going (apart from a couple of brief posts on Facebook and Twitter).


And now here I am, writing this blog post in the vehicle en route. Good thing hubby’s along to do the driving…and that I figured out how to use my iPhone as a personal hotspot for my computer. Yay, technology! 😉

Anyway…if you’re going to be at Ad Astra and you’d like to connect with me or say hi—or, you know, maybe buy me a pony or something—these are the times and places I know I’ll be:

Friday night:

9 p.m. in Markham A – Networking and Social Media for the Self-Published Author


4 p.m. in Markam B — Common Writing Mistakes from an Editor’s Perspective

Apart from that, I’ll be touring around watching other great panels and checking out parties and, of course, hanging out at my book table in the dealer’s room (which I’m sharing with the awesome Marie Bilodeau). I’ll also be leaving early on Sunday because of family obligations…sorry about that!

Oh, and if you want to catch my husband’s presentation on Police Procedures: Busting the Myths and Misconceptions, he’ll be in Richmond A at 1:00 p.m. on Saturday. I may be there, too…he’s fun to heckle. 😉

See you at Ad Astra!



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2 responses to “My Ad Astra 2016 Schedule”

  1. JP McLean Avatar

    Wish I were closer. I’d be there for sure. The police procedure presentation was one of my favourites at When Words Collide in Calgary last summer.

    1. Linda Avatar

      I wish you could have attended this one, too, JP! Hubby does a great job of it…if I do say so myself. 😉

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