6 Steps to Fast-Drafting a Blog Post

A while back, I wrote about why I think it’s important for fiction writers to blog (and what to blog about!) — but sometimes, especially if you’re just starting out — doing so can seem like an insurmountable task. The good news is, it doesn’t need to be that way, because I’m going to give you a simple, foolproof way of drafting a blog post or article that will save you a whole lot of time and angst.

Interested? I thought you might be. 😉 Here goes.

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  1. Write down all the points you want to make in your post/article. No need to organize them, just get them down in bullet form.
  2. Organize your bullet points into their order of appearance in your post/article.
  3. Turn each bullet point into a full sentence.
  4. Turn each sentence into a paragraph (and/or combine two or more of them to form a paragraph).
  5. Write a brief introduction and conclusion.
  6. Do a final edit to make sure you have the correct flow of ideas (and to correct punctuation and grammar, of course).

That’s it. You’re done — and you have a complete post or article. See? I told you it was easy!

This is hands-down the single fastest method I’ve ever come across for fast-drafting a blog post, article, newsletter, or just about any other piece of writing you’ll need to do. And the bonus is that the more you use it, the faster you’ll get.

Oh, and if you happen to know a high school or university student who has essays to write, be sure to share this method with them, too (it’s how I taught two of my daughters to draft)…they will love you forever.

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    Linda, today I wrote about you on my blog. Come see what I said about another Canadian writer!
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